iGp12 Software and Gateware Revision History

iGp12 Software and Gateware Revision History

FPGA gateware

Revision Date Change log
4.2 2019-05-30 Timing closure improvements, variable drive source bit widths
4.1 2019-02-12 Third drive source, synchronization signal outputs added to GPIO in interlock mode
4.0 2018-12-07 Added time-domain modulation to phase tracker, second drive source, multiple new hardware trigger sources
3.15 2017-05-25 GPIO instability interlock added, phase tracker inverter, SRAM/BRAM acquisition interface reworked
3.14 2016-06-21 Processing downsampling extended to 256, maximum kick monitor
3.12 2014-04-21 Single-bunch phase tracking (tune tracking) added, support for modified FBE-LT interface
3.11 2014-02-06 Acquisition readout speedup, removed obsolete ADC test pattern generator, fixed SRAM acquisition bug
3.10 2014-01-10 Quad coefficient sets with bunch-by-bunch selection
3.09 2013-10-12 Drive modulation with coefficient set select
3.08 2013-09-03 Trigger input inversion (rising/falling edge trigger), trigger snapshot in multibunch acquisition, new excitation code (48 bit phase accumulator)


Revision Date Change log
2.15 2019-05-30 Support for three drive sources, modal analysis code in the IOC
2.14 2018-12-07 Support for two drive sources, time-domain modulation of phase tracker, new acquisition triggers
2.13 2018-02-13 Bug fixes
2.12 2017-05-25 Instability interlock support, multibunch acquisition rewritten for proper asynchronous readout
2.11 2016-06-21 FFTW 3.3.4, kernel 4.5.5, maximum kick support, extended processing downsampling
2.9 2014-04-21 Tune tracking, modified FBE-LT interface, support for AR 400A400 power amplifiers
2.8 2014-02-06 Transition to 64 bit OS, IOC performance improvements and bug fixes
2.7 2014-01-13 Quad coefficient sets with bunch-by-bunch selection
2.6 2013-11-07 Moved to buildroot-2012.11
2.5 2013-10-15 Time-domain drive modulation, front-end phase tracking, Milmega AS0102-250 support

Client software

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