Dimtel Model Designations

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Dimtel Model Designations

Dimtel, Inc. uses a uniform model designation scheme for iGp and FBE products. The model designation has the following form:


TYPE can be iGp or FBE.


For iGp devices the numeric portion NNN of the model number designates the ring harmonic number. The letter following that designates functionality of the unit, e.g. “F” for feedback.

For example, iGp-328F is a bunch-by-bunch feedback processor for a storage ring with harmonic number of 328 (ALS).

Current list of iGp models


For FBE units the numeric designation NNN stands for the RF frequency in MHz. The letter after that defines the application with “L” indicating longitudinal feedback and “LT” used for combined longitudinal/transverse front/back-end with three input and one output channels.

For example, FBE-178L is a longitudinal front/back-end unit designed for 178(nbps)MHz RF frequency.

Current list of FBE models

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