Product Pricing

Product Pricing

The price list and discount schedules are valid as of January 1st, 2022. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Price List

Product Description List price, USD
iGp12 Second-generation bunch-by-bunch processor (12-bit ADC) $96,000.00
FBE-LT Combination RF front/back-end with 3 input channels $72,000.00
LLRF9/500 Nine channel low-level RF control system $117,000.00
FBE Single-channel RF front/back-end $36,000.00
FBE Single-channel RF front-end only $30,000.00
Actico Active kick combiner $18,000.00
BPMH-20-2G BPM hybrid network $8,270.00

Discount Schedule

Dimtel, Inc. offers an attractive discount schedule for multiple unit or large volume purchases. Discounts in the table below do not apply to the sales of development boards and spare parts.

Purchase Discount
Single unit list price
2 units 5%
3 units 10%
4 units 15%
5 units and more 20%

Please contact Dimtel, Inc. for further information and a formal quotation.

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