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Dimtel Products

LLRF Control System


LLRF9 controller is designed for RF field stabilization in lepton storage and booster rings. The unit provides 9 stabilized RF inputs, with multi-MHz bandwidth. Feedback loop includes direct and integral paths for well controlled transient response and small steady state errors. LLRF9 can operate RF stations with one or two RF cavities driven by one power source (klystron, IOT, solid-state amplifier). Station voltage and phase setpoint can be ramped or modulated using 512 point arbitrary profiles. Profile transitions can be triggered in software or by external opto-isolated trigger inputs. In addition to RF field control, LLRF9 integrates fast input interlocks, time- and frequency-domain diagnostics, tuner motor control, field balancing loops.

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Integrated Gigasample Processor

Integrated Gigasample Processsor

Integrated Gigasample Processor (iGp12) implements a high-speed (500+ MHz) 12-bit processing channel. The unit is primarily designed for bunch-by-bunch applications in storage rings. However wideband low-noise ADC input and integrated diagnostic features make iGp a valuable bunch-by-bunch diagnostic tool.

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Bunch-by-bunch Front/Back End

Bunch-by-bunch front/back end

Bunch-by-bunch front/back end is designed to provide front- and back-end functionality for a complete set of bunch-by-bunch feedback systems in three planes. The unit integrates three channels of front-end BPM signal processing and phase/amplitude detection as well as the back-end upconversion. Signal chains include programmable attenuators and carrier phase shifters for system gain and timing adjustments. Front/back-end unit interfaces to the iGp12 to allow operator control of adjustable entities.

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BPM Hybrid Network


BPMH-20-2G is an eight port passive sum/difference network, designed for wideband processing of signals from capacitive or stripline beam position monitors. The device provides excellent time-domain response for bunch-by-bunch diagnostic and feedback applications, as well as high rejection of common-mode signals and plane-to-plane isolation.

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