Front/Back End Specifications

Front/Back End Specifications

Bunch-by-bunch front/back end systems from Dimtel, Inc. currently exist in several versions: FBE-178L, FBE-500L, and FBE-500LT. LT variant has three front-end channels for full three planes of feedback. Differing specifications are indicated in the table below, when appropriate.


Parameter FBE-178L FBE-500L FBE-500LT
Reference frequency (MHz) 178.55 500
RF input level (dBm) 0
Reference output loss (dB) 3.5 6.5


Parameter FBE-178L FBE-500L FBE-500LT
Detection frequency (MHz) 1428.4 1500
Maximum operating input level (V peak) 9.3
Absolute maximum input level (V peak) 14
Attenuation range (dB) 0–31.5
Nominal output 190 mV peak-to-peak (-10.4 dBm) 780 mV peak-to-peak (+1.8 dBm)
Output filter 5th order Bessel low-pass
3 dB bandwidth (MHz) 140 500
Baseband pulse width (ns) 3.8 1.9
Phase shifter range (deg) >360
Phase shifter resolution (deg/step) 0.25


Parameter FBE-178L FBE-500L FBE-500LT
Carrier frequency (MHz) 892.75 1000 1000 or 1500
Input level (mV) ±250
Attenuation range (dB) 0–31.5
Maximum output level (Vin=250 mV, 0 dBm ref.) (dBm) 4.5 10
Output filter 3rd order Bessel low-pass 5th order Bessel band-pass
3 dB bandwidth (MHz) 1130 660
Phase shifter range (deg) >360
Phase shifter resolution 0.01–0.21
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