LLRF4.6 Specifications

Parameter Description
Channels 4
Resolution 14
Speed (MSPS) 125
Channels 2
Resolution 14
Update rate (MSPS) 260
Clock management Using AD9512
Maximum external clock (GHz) 1.6
Clock dividers independent for ADC and DAC
Divide ratios 1–32
Phase adjustment DAC clock
Host interface High-speed USB 2.0
Expansion connector 8 LVDS differential pairs
Analog monitoring FPGA core supply current, LO rms,
+5V, 2 analog output loopbacks
Low-speed DAC
Channels 12
Resolution 12
Maximum update rate (kSPS) 520
Low-speed ADC
Channels 2
Resolution 12
Maximum sampling rate (kSPS) 50
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